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​​​​​​​Dr. Amber Callaway Lewis DVM, CCRT

About Us

Ever since I can remember I wanted to be a veterinarian. My first career day in school my mom made me a medical kit and used index cards to make me business cards to hand out. I was lucky at 16 years old to start working at a small animal clinic in the kennel and worked my way up to veterinary technician. I attended Florida Atlantic University and received my degree in Ecology and Organismic Biology. I then attended Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine and completed my clinic year at University of Florida. I worked as a general practitioner and completed my rehabilitation certification from the Canine Rehabilitation Institute in 2014. After years of seeing senior and mobility challenged patients that could benefit from comprehensive care not provided in a traditional veterinary hospital the idea for Treasure Coast Animal Rehab developed. After opening TCAR during a pandemic it became apparent that senior pets play an important role in the family. With TCAR we are bridging the gap between general care and comprehensive senior and geriatric centered medicine. Having the ability to provide owners and pets with the skills and knowledge to keep their furry family member moving, pain free and happy is the goal I wake up with every morning.

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Dr. Jamie DeRoin, DVM

About Us

Hello! My name is Dr. Jamie DeRoin. I recently joined the staff of Treasure Coast Animal Rehab and Fitness and am excited to offer veterinary acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy to the patients of TCARF!I grew up on a farm in northeast Nebraska. I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with honors and earned a Bachelor's degree in Animal Science. I am a proud Cornhusker! I received my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine in 2009. I became interested in acupuncture after having an injury to my left leg that the consequence of was a "drop foot" that caused me to be unable to flex my left foot. I regained nerve function after having a few treatments of electroacupuncture and laser therapy. Having seen the benefits of acupuncture myself, I jumped at the opportunity to go to China for a couple weeks to learn more about acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine after my second year of vet school. I came to Florida to complete a one year equine internship at Ocala Equine Hospital following graduation. I then practiced several years as an equine veterinarian at a couple of racetracks and training centers in Toronto and Florida working with Thoroughbred racehorses. I then switched my focus to small animals working as an emergency veterinarian. Because of the variety of neurologic cases seen on emergency and knowing the benefits of acupuncture for myself, I then became certified in veterinary acupuncture for both small animals and equines through the Chi institute in 2017. I have worked the last few years as a veterinarian in small animal general practice doing relief work. I am happy to have the opportunity to offer this skill set to the patients of Treasure Coast Animal Rehab and Fitness!

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Meet our Staff

Christine Vicars

Liz Levanti

Lead Rehab Technician


Since I was very young, I have always wanted to work in the field of veterinary medicine, as I love the idea of helping those who can't necessarily speak for themselves. My permanence in the field began to take root when I was in high school and started volunteering at our Treasure Coast no-kill shelters (Dogs and Cats Forever, HALO). Eventually, my connections in these shelters helped me to land a job with a local Vero veterinarian as an assistant while I was still a junior in high school. This position deepened my appreciation for the career further and once I graduated, I began working towards getting my credentials as a veterinary nurse. Since then, I have completed my large and small animal nursing training and have completed multiple veterinary nursing internships. I have worked at both small and mixed-animal general practices and am very excited to now be at your local specialty rehab and senior care clinic!

Cat Bootes

Technician Assistant


People like to joke that my mom knew what she was doing when she named me “Cat”, but even she admits that she had no idea just how apt it would be. My interest in animals began at an early age, and it wasn’t long before I was begging my mom for every critter I could get my hands on. From guinea pigs to rabbits, snakes to turtles, there wasn’t a creature around that I wasn’t interested in. The best surprise I ever received though, was a small kitten from the Humane Society when I was nine years old, and from then on, my love affair with cats was sealed. After graduating from the University of Miami in 2015, I found myself employed at a local no-kill shelter and quickly realized that working with animals was my true passion in life. Now I have four wonderful cats and a very special hound dog, and I spend my spare time fostering kittens. I am so grateful to be here at TCAR because it gives me the opportunity to help animals in need, and every morning, I look forward to coming to work in such a positive, compassionate environment.

Brittany Herndon



For as long as I can remember I’ve had a passion for animals. My parents fondly tell stories of me picking the “broken” stuffed animals at the store when I was younger and, as I got older, bringing home injured lizards and bugs. I started working as a veterinary technician in 2014 after spending 2 years at a local animal shelter. I’ve jumped around from general practice to emergency medicine and finally ended up here at TCAR where I couldn’t be happier. I have two adorable corgis and two cats. When I’m not working I enjoy traveling and hiking with my dogs. I am currently enrolled in Purdue University’s veterinary technology program.

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