Veterinary Services in Vero Beach, FL

We are committed to providing quality Veterinary medicine along with friendly, compassionate service.


Physical/Mobility Rehabilitation

Physical/Mobility Rehabilitation (Called Physical Therapy In Humans)

Full orthopedic and neurologic examination Personalized treatment plan

Personalized Treatments

Personalized Treatments May Include:

  • Underwater Treadmill and Land Treadmill

  • Class 1 and Class 4 Therapeutic Laser Therapy: Multi Radiance and Cutting Edge Lasers

  • PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy): Respond Therapeutic Beds, Assisi Loop Products

  • Manual Therapy including but not limited to: massage, passive range of motion, myofacial

  • NMES and TENS: Using electrical current to stimulate muscle contractions and reduce pain

  • Personalized nutrition plans

  • Personalized joint, behavior and wellness supplements

  • Personalized multimodal medication and integrative pain management

Traditional Chinese Herbs

Traditional Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbal therapy uses herbs to help supplement the effects of acupuncture and can have immune modulating effects.


Animal Chiropractic

A form of animal health that focuses on the neuro-muscular-skeletal system.


Dogosterone Testosterone Therapy

Dogosterone(tm) Therapy is a skilled treatment method that involves the injection of testosterone to increase your pet's ability to get around.

Biological Joint Injections

Minimally Invasive Procedures

Cryoprobe and Joint Injection.

Pain Management​​​​​​​

Integrative Pain Management​​​​​​​

Personalized Integrative Medical Approach

Hospice And End Of Life Care

Senior and Geriatric Centered Care

Focused care for pet and family managing chronic or life-limiting disease

Personalized Weight Loss Programs

Personalized Weight Loss Programs

Nutritional assessment and fitness evaluation

Cognitive Dysfunction Screening

Cognitive Dysfunction Screening (Canine Senility/Dimentia)

Comprehensive history and screening for canine & Feline senility

Orthotics & Prosthetics

Orthotics & Prosthetics (Custom Options Available)

Here at Treasure Coast Animal Rehab & Fitness, we specialize in fittings for supportive orthopedic braces and castings for custom braces. After evaluating your pet's orthopedic needs, we will recommend the best supportive device. We can help manage injuries including cruciate/knee, wrist, ankle, hip, and back.

Wheel Chair and Brace Fittings

If you have decided that a supportive device or wheelchair is needed for your pet and need help getting the fit just right we can help. A proper fit is vital to these devices helping and not hindering your pet.

Feline/Puppy and Senior Functional Fitness Classes

More than just fun, the goals of our fitness classes are to increase body awareness, balance, coordination and flexibility. These are individual classes that are held once a week for 4 sessions.



Treasure Coast Animal Rehab has a fully stocked online pharmacy. We utilize our online pharmacy to ensure quality and sourcing of medications, supplements and foods. Most medications are delivered in 4-8 business days.


There is the ability to assess a joint for effusion, thickening of the joint capsule, cartilage defects and potentially bone destruction and inflammation. Partial or complete muscle or tendon tears can be visualized. Having this noninvasive diagnostic and monitoring device is great for the client and I to see what we are treating together.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave works by using sound energy to stimulate body’s healing ability, decrease pain, decrease inflammation and improve the speed and quality of healing.

Therapeutic and Medical Massage

Our Certified Massage Therapist is part of our integrative team managing our canine and feline patients.

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