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Unleashing Happiness: The Comprehensive Care Offered At Treasure Coast Animal Rehab and Fitness

For those beloved companions facing physical challenges, Treasure Coast Animal Rehab and Fitness specializes in comprehensive care that can make all the difference.


Close your eyes. Let’s go on a journey. Picture this: a gentle breeze, the sound of trickling water over rocks. Soft music plays in the background… I feel relaxed just picturing it. It sounds amazing. You are not on vacation. Your best friend is getting ready to have their qi moving and back in balance with acupuncture!

Dr. Ambers Quick ABC Guide to Animal Rehabilitation

Being a rehabilitation veterinarian means that all day my patients are special needs cases, painful patients, post-operative patients, and neurologic pets.  This could be scary if your pet falls into one of these categories, but having a basic understanding of what we do at Treasure Coast Animal Rehab will help you feel more confident in what your pet is experiencing.

Canine Quarantine Fitness Quality Time

It appears that we will all be spending more time home then we were planning on. This might be disappointing to our two legged family members but I bet your pets are excited for the extra quality time. Your dog and cat do not understand social distancing and will likely want to spend the day with you. When I look at fitness for a dog it is all about function. I do not train for agility I condition dogs to walk pain free and be as strong, balanced and coordinated for their daily life. While your spending time with your dog observe them standing and see if your dog can stand still for 10-15 seconds before having to sit.

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